7 Tips on Promoting Your Video on Demand Content

Due to the rising popularity of video streaming platforms, there is much video on demand (VOD) content competing for viewers’ attention. This makes it easier for your content to get lost and ignored on the internet. To avoid such a fate, you need to invest in a good video content marketing strategy for your brand.

A recent study by Statista estimates that VOD consumers will reach over 1.98 billion in 2025. This just shows how video content marketing will continue to be influential and relevant in the market. It can open up more opportunities for your brand to gain exposure and reach out to your target audience. This makes now the perfect time to start learning how to do video marketing.

With that, here are some tips on promoting your VOD content to make it stand out from the rest.

1. Incorporate your videos into other content

Your videos can gain more exposure if you incorporate them into your other content. Nowadays, it is common for brands to juggle several forms of media all at once. They have web pages, blogs, and social media profiles. And with the current technology, you can integrate all your content.

For example, you can embed your videos into your blog posts. Your video content can act as a supplementary material to expound more on the topic in your blog post, or it can be the other way around. You can also post your videos on your official websites or social media pages so that your visitors can easily find and access your content.

By incorporating your videos into other content, you are also spreading out your videos’ reach. It helps promote your VOD content while also extending and deepening your engagement with your audience.

2. Be consistent with your brand

Your brand plays a crucial role in how to promote video content. It will set you apart from the rest of your competitors and make your content recognizable online. Without proper and consistent branding, it will be more difficult for you to capture your target audience and build a lasting relationship with them.

Your video content is a great way to show off your brand. It can be in the form of a logo, thumbnail, banner, backdrop, and the type of content you produce, which can help make your videos easier to remember by the viewers. Likewise, this can appeal more to niche groups and your target audience.

Being consistent with your branding across all VOD platforms can also help you produce content faster. You now have a template you can follow for all your videos. From your intro to your ending line, you always have an idea of how your content should flow.

3. Optimize videos to play anywhere

What sets video on demand apart from other forms of videos is that it lets your viewers decide on what device they want to access it on whether they’re on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, laptops, and even some smartwatches. All these devices have varying screen sizes and resolutions from one another. Your video can play perfectly in one while it can barely load up in another.

According to Datareportal, 91% of internet users prefer using mobile devices to go online. This means the majority of your views will most likely come from smartphone or tablet users. It only follows that your video content must be optimized to play on the smaller screens. Otherwise, you can lose viewers for your content.

To make sure that your videos can play anywhere, you can adopt a mobile-first approach when creating your videos. This offers more flexibility for your videos, making it easier to adapt to different screens and players.

4. Provide interactive content

Incorporating interactive content into your videos is a recent trend nowadays for content producers. You can add it on the video itself or a supplementary activity outside the content. One great example of interactive content is the 360-degree feature among online videos. This allows viewers to control the angle as they watch your video.

Another interactive element you can add to your videos is clickable links. These links can redirect your viewers to your other video content or non-video content and your official webpage. You can place them within the video itself or in the description accompanying it. You can also offer giveaways, promo codes, and other rewards to your viewers to make your content more exciting.

Interactive videos provide exciting and more immersive experiences for your audience. It encourages them to engage more with your content and explore what your brand has to offer.

5. Allow others to share your videos

Various video streaming platforms make it easier to embed and share your videos in other websites and channels. Social media, for one, is a perfect place where your videos can go viral. Compared to traditional TV videos, anyone can share your VOD content again and again, posting it into their own feeds where their friends can watch it as well.

Take advantage of this trend by making your videos easily shareable. Provide shareable links which your viewers can copy and paste into their personal posts. You can also post it into your own social media page and encourage your followers to share your content to their own page.

One of the most common video promotion ideas among content producers is offering rewards or giveaways to their viewers. They choose the winner based on who shared, liked, and subscribed to their videos in the hopes of encouraging more people to share their content.

6. Make sure your videos are searchable

Blogs aren’t the only content you need to optimize for the search engines. You can also make your videos searchable online. Google, for one, can offer up results based on descriptions or snippets of video-related queries in their search engine.

This makes search engine optimization (SEO) a crucial part in promoting your video content. You can simply apply the usual SEO technique to your video title, thumbnail, description, and tags. Using these effectively can make sure that your content will rank well in results.

With an easily searchable video content, you can pull in more exposure and views organically. Your audience can simply stumble upon your videos based on the keywords they use in their search engines.

7. Leverage data and analytics

Your video content marketing strategy can benefit greatly from data and analytics. Through it, you can identify the common trends, patterns, and behaviors of your target audience. This allows you to develop content that will fit perfectly to their demands and preferences.

There are various software solutions out there that can help you mine and analyze data from your target market. You can also gather data on your competitors to see what works well for them and what you can do to make your content stand out from the rest.

With that, here’s why you should use a marketing automation software alongside your VOD content.

Stand out in the crowd

The rise of video on demand have brought content producers and their audiences closer to one another. However, this also makes the competition in the market tighter than ever with everyone vying for the viewers’ undivided attention.Without the right tools and strategy, your video content can easily get lost on the web.

So, get an edge over your competitors by exploring what technology has to offer. These tips allow you to optimize the latest trends for video on demand content, ensuring that you remain relevant in the market. 






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