How To Build A Roku TV App & Guide On Roku App Development In 2024

Build roku TV app

Cord-cutters have significantly reshaped the landscape of streaming videos, including movies and TV shows, with Roku emerging as the leading platform for enjoying diverse media content. The inception of Roku in 2002 in Los Gatos, California marked the beginning of a transformative era in home entertainment. From streaming devices to smart TVs and high-end audio solutions, Roku has expanded its product catalog comprehensively.

The primary revenue driver for Roku is its channel store, providing users the flexibility to add their preferred channels to Roku-powered devices. This concept parallels the Apple App Store, which empowers iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch users to seamlessly download their favorite apps across their profiles. Remarkably, Roku’s channel store boasts a staggering 32,809 apps, solidifying its position as one of the most renowned mobile app vendors globally.

The Roku platform facilitates access to a myriad of programs from various video streaming services, requiring only a stable internet connection and a Roku streaming box, Roku stick, or Roku TV. In this blog, we delve into what is Roku and essential details about how it work and usage.

What is Roku TV App?

A Roku player serves as a device that effortlessly enables users to enjoy internet-backed videos on their TV through streaming. This makes it more easy to stream channels like Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu on a larger screen.

For those engaged with your OTT streaming platform or app, the Roku player offers access to an extensive library of over 100,000 movies and TV shows available across various free and paid channels. Notably, there’s no monthly fee for the Roku player itself, allowing viewers to only pay for the channels they choose to watch.

Roku players have been a part of the industry since 2008, resulting in widespread and well-established support within the streaming video sector. This longevity has contributed to Roku’s reputation and reliability in the realm of streaming entertainment.

How Does Roku TV Work?

A  Roku streaming player establishes a direct connection to your TV through an HDMI cable. Depending on the Roku model, this connection is made either through a Roku stick or a set-top box. On the other hand, Roku TV integrates an online television set with a built-in Roku-enabled device, eliminating the need for additional connectivity devices.

The majority of Roku devices support wireless connectivity, linking to your home network via stable Wi-Fi. Advanced Roku streaming players and Roku TV also offer the option of an ethernet connection, allowing viewers to establish a steady connection using a hardwired ethernet cable if preferred. Alternatively, wireless pairing via WiFi is a viable option in most cases.

Setting up Roku players requires minimal assistance, as users can easily install specific channels or applications to access their preferred streaming services. For example, to watch Amazon Prime, users need to install the Prime channel on their Roku device.

A straightforward approach involves accessing the Roku channel store directly from Roku’s home screen. While installing new channels is typically free, certain channels may require a separate subscription if users wish to access specific content.

Why Should You Build Your Own Roku TV App?

Creating an enterprise-grade Roku app is similar to building your own TV channel or having your TV show featured on Roku. Roku apps share similarities with traditional TV channels but offer an enhanced experience.

How to Create a Roku App

Building a Roku app allows your audience to access your content on their TV sets or from anywhere they prefer. Users exploring channels or apps while searching for specific categories might discover your compelling content.

Gaining Your New Audience Subscribers

Creating your Roku channel grants you access to Roku’s 63.1 million active users. Some users may come across your content in the Roku app store, expanding your reach. Additionally, when users are seeking content from popular OTT providers like HBO and Netflix, your Roku app can attract a new audience.

Improved Access to App Users

building your TV channel on Roku offers your audience a convenient place to access content from the comfort of their homes at their preferred times. Viewers not only have on-demand access but also enjoy content on their TV screens, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Generate Income

The increasing ad spending on streaming devices is notable. Roku has retained over 95% of advertisers who spent $1 million, surpassing traditional cable TV. Creating your TV app opens avenues for monetization through subscription services, pay-per-view, or transactions. Roku facilitates easy content purchases via subscriptions or in-app purchases for all apps in the Roku channel store.

Content & Affordability

Roku’s popularity stems from its extensive content library, including streaming services like Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. Viewers can replace cable or satellite subscriptions and add free channels to their entertainment lineup.

Easy to Use

Roku consolidates access to all streaming services on a single unit, allowing viewers to avoid the complexities of using multiple devices or apps. Its user-friendly interface and control features, such as casting media to the TV, replacing conventional remotes, and private listening, contribute to a seamless experience that users are willing to pay a premium for.

Factors That Lead to Success for Your Roku TV Apps

While video streaming services often come with a hefty price tag, Roku channels offer an alternative by providing access to premium channels like HBO Max or Hulu. The unique feature of Roku channels lies in their offer of free access to thousands of movies and TV episodes, with minimal commercials for a cable-like experience at no cost. Users can navigate the Roku channel guide to discover a multitude of channels.

Tips To Build Roku TV App

Efficient App Search

Instead of individually searching for each Roku channel, use Roku search. Accessible via the Roku remote, mobile app, or voice search, it yields results for nearly 3,000 channels. Searches can be based on titles, actors, directors, and more.

Organized Content Zones

Roku zones organize movies and shows by genre or topic. Type in a genre like ‘comedy’ or ‘thriller’ in the search, and scroll through the corresponding zone.

Discover ‘Secret’ Roku Channels

Not all Roku channels are listed in the channel store. Explore private channels not visible in the channel guide using the Roku Guide. Add them by entering the channel code on the Roku account page.

Turn Your Phone into a Roku Remote

Download the official Roku remote-control app to transform your phone or tablet into a keyboard-friendly remote for easy searching and streaming.

Voice Commands with Roku Remote

Roku Voice Remote Pro, Voice Remote, Gaming Remote, or Roku’s wireless speakers allow users to speak directly to Roku. Press the microphone button, hold, and speak your request.

Find Lost Roku Remote

If the Roku remote goes missing, open the Roku app, tap the microphone, and say, “Hey Roku, find my remote.” It emits a beeping noise. Stop the noise by pressing any button on the located remote.

Roku with Screen Mirroring

Easily mirror iPhone or iPad screens to Roku devices. Most Roku devices support screen mirroring. To use it, press the home button, go to settings > system > screen mirroring.

Practice Casting

Users preferring Google’s cast technology can send music, videos, or photos from mobile devices to Roku-connected devices. Look for the cast icon, click it, and choose the desired Roku device.

Screensaver Options

When users pause content, Roku screensavers provide an aesthetically pleasing view. Access wallpapers, screensavers, and sounds by pressing the home button on the remote.

These tips can enhance the functionality and user experience of your Roku TV apps.

How to Create Your Own Roku TV Apps

Creating your own Roku TV apps has become more dynamic with the updated Roku app builder, featuring an intuitive workflow and improved user interface. We have implemented abundant enhancements to refine the look and feel of Roku apps, reminiscent of the user experience on Netflix. With this enhanced design, you now have the capability to deliver a Roku app using a sophisticated streaming platform with minimal reliance on developers. This allows you to return to focusing on your core strength—content creation.

How to Create Roku TV Apps

Utilize a Branded Over-The-Top (OTT) Solution:

  • Recognizing the need for brands to continuously attract a new audience, a branded OTT platform plays a crucial role.
  • This professionally built platform helps maintain focus on goals, build awareness and capture attention.
  • Customization allows content owners to identify their target audience and select platforms where they are likely to spend their valuable time.
  • Embrace the advanced capabilities of the Roku app builder and a branded OTT solution to enhance your streaming platform, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for your audience.

Roku TV Apps Streaming Features

Native Roku Streaming Channel:

This feature allows your Roku TV app to seamlessly integrate with the Roku platform, providing users with a native and cohesive streaming experience.

Users can easily discover and access your content through the familiar Roku interface, enhancing visibility and accessibility.

Deliver On-demand and Live Streaming:

Your Roku TV app can offer both on-demand and live streaming content. On-demand content allows users to watch pre-recorded videos at their convenience, while live streaming provides real-time access to events, shows, or broadcasts.

In-App Purchase and Subscription:

Monetize your content by implementing in-app purchase options or subscription models. Users can make one-time purchases or subscribe to premium content, providing a revenue stream for content creators.

Multi-Language Support for Roku App:

Reach a broader audience by incorporating multi-language support in your Roku TV app. This feature ensures that users can enjoy your content in their preferred language, making your app more inclusive.

Set up & Manage Device Restrictions:

This feature empowers content owners to control access to their Roku TV app. You can set up and manage device restrictions, ensuring a secure and controlled streaming environment. This is especially valuable for content that may have age restrictions or other viewing limitations.

Watchlist and Favorites:

Users can curate their personalized content lists by adding items to their watchlist or marking content as favorites. This feature enhances user engagement and provides a convenient way for viewers to keep track of the content they want to watch.

Kids Mode:

Kids Mode is designed to create a safe and entertaining space for young audiences. It can include age-appropriate content, parental controls, and a child-friendly interface, ensuring a secure and enjoyable viewing experience for children.

Auto-play Next Content:

Enhance the user experience with the auto-play next content feature. After finishing one piece of content, the Roku TV app automatically queues up the next item in the playlist, providing a seamless and continuous viewing experience.

These features collectively contribute to creating a versatile, user-friendly, and engaging Roku TV app, catering to a diverse audience and ensuring a high-quality streaming experience.

Transform Roku TV App Development with Dedicated Developers:

In the ever-evolving landscape of Roku app development in 2023, delivering a top-tier streaming experience necessitates not only a compelling concept but also the technical proficiency to bring it to fruition. At Webnexs, we present a distinctive solution — dedicated OTT app developers who specialize in constructing, customizing, deploying, and maintaining your Roku TV app.

Here’s why adopting this approach can revolutionize your video business:

Access to Platform’s Source Code:

By hiring dedicated developers from us, you acquire access to the source code of your custom Roku TV app. This grants you the freedom to fine-tune and customize your app to align with your precise specifications.

Add or Remove Any Features:

With dedicated developers at your disposal, you possess the flexibility to introduce new features or remove existing ones. This adaptability allows your Roku app to evolve in tandem with the changing preferences of your audience.

Flexible Hiring Model:

Tailor your development team precisely to the needs of your project. Effortlessly scale up or down as your project progresses, ensuring optimal resource allocation.

Ready-to-Work Team:

Our developers are not only seasoned experts but are also prepared to dive into action with the latest Roku app development trends. There’s no waiting period; they commence delivering results right from day one.

Pay As You Use Model:

Our cost-effective pay-as-you-use model ensures that you only pay for the resources you actually need, optimizing the efficiency of your budget.

Product Maintenance and Support:

Building an app marks just the beginning. We provide continuous product maintenance and support, guaranteeing that your Roku TV app remains robust and up-to-date, delivering an exceptional user experience.

By engaging Webnex’s dedicated Roku TV app developers, you can fashion the perfect, tailor-made Roku TV app for your business. We emphasize precision alignment with your vision, budget, and timeline.


Streaming has been here for a while, and Roku was one of the first companies to use apps for online streaming devices. Now, when someone says “on your Roku,” it usually means watching something classic.

Roku streaming media players have consistently prioritized providing a user-friendly method to access streaming video and music content on a television, distinguishing themselves from home theatre PCs, gaming consoles, and other internet-connected devices.

With a Roku device, users can effortlessly access popular platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and numerous other (over-the-top )OTT services. Additionally, Roku offers a diverse array of specialized “channels” catering to content ranging from the abstract to the spiritual.

If you already have an idea for a Roku TV app, the platform provides a robust foundation for bringing your vision to life.


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