Muscat Food Market: An Online Grocery Marketplace Scaled Up To 100%

Muscat Food Market – A brief

Muscat Food Market (Falcon Trading) is a fresh online grocery marketplace that pickup and delivers groceries and other essentials from the vendors to the end customers in Muscat. 

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Launched in Muscat in May 2020, initially as a test, they wanted to have their grocery business with a small tag as a conventional eCommerce store, but as Webnexs suggested going full swing with the marketplace business model, a full-fledge ecomm business started its online operation to cater to the entire population of Muscat. We’d call Muscat Food Market as successful in its first year; later, their business expanded and became super successful that no one can go without calling them.

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In just two years, the company’s online grocery sales doubled and tripled in some months. It was never a surprise for us; by April 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic made people stay home, and they avoided leaving the doorstep even for essentials and groceries; it is where they succeed along the side with our marketing strategies. Now their grocery sales rose more than 260% year over year, also estimated to grow further than that.

Unlike before, delivery made easy

With the advancement of the internet and its users’ expectations, businesses now providing customers with nearly limitless choices and delivery is one such shift in power that made it extremely tough for businesses if they had a poor delivery system.

At MFM, even before the pandemic, they struggled to deliver the groceries on time. With the help of a proper Google Maps pointing system and navigation via coordinates, we helped MFM capitalize more orders by expanding to further territories.

Said goodbye to poor inventory management

Not what a business sell; poor inventory management can hurt your business flow and mess at any level, so people from MFM opened up with that, and Webnexs has given a practical, solid and quickie solution.

However, a simplified inventory system makes it easier, save the business time, money up to 20% and sanity. So we helped them sell better with a seamless inventory management system that offered MFM a forecast sales trends, giving you a more competitive edge among peers.

Driven Admin interface more seamless

Good user experience is not a constraint to end-users and requires an admin panel too, more than just a pretty web design; it has a lot more components to keep up the store’s harmony.

Muscat food market admin panel PM

The admin interface is one effective part of MFM. Still, they wanted it to go match up with higher business standards, including configuring users and settings, including analytics, product listings and its SKU, Name, Weight, Price. Etc. 

Muscat food market admin panel PM2

Webnexs observed their need and picked the essential requirements and added valuable metrics to the product addition page in admin, and customized to suit adding their large inventory in a shorter time. 

Engineered an excellent SEO strategy

We knew instantly that their products, mission and drive is to put them in front of buyers to get them ahead of the pack, which is already on the rally and is trying too many ways. But we, Webnexs, suggested going with organic methods to get them in the hands of the right people at the right time.

image 2022 01 07T08 47 09 551Z

Before having us on board, MFM had no clue to grow their business online, and they had a difficult time growing their keyword rankings online, with no organic traffic and nothing. By putting a few organic tweaks as part of our eCommerce marketing strategy for them, that worked as well. 

Immediate results

Over the course of 6 months, we were able to take MFM’s from 17 keywords to 624 and grow monthly users by 1650.13%.

Muscat Food Market uprising SEO results, we are proud to report that we:

  • Increased daily search traffic from 567 to 15306(2599.47%)
  • Increased monthly transactions from 332 to 4,154(1152.11%)
  • Top-Tier Rankings in Organic Keywords
  • Increased monthly revenue from $0 to $20,045.66 (yes, you read right, one hundred percent increase in organic revenue – $405,176.56 in total in 2 years)
image 2022 01 07T08 43 23 701Z

In this case, we were concentrating on generating buyers’ trust, optimizing the traffic source, offering what the MFM wanted and was looking for; with that, their revenue skyrocketed and went on to make USD 429,052.53 in just two years.

We made our best-in-class industrial SEO practices a key revenue driver.

Online grocery business in Muscat

Muscat, the most popular and capital city of Oman – an upcoming eCommerce hub. According to the recent market study, the Oman country favors the eCommerce business has spiked its value to $3.14 billion in 2021 and are expected to grow even further to $6.24 billion in 2024.

The impact of COVID-19 on customers shopping behavior has made people go online, and it motivated many people to move away from their in-store grocery purchase habit to an online grocery shopping lifestyle, and it turned the future of online groceries in Oman. 

Though the online grocery movement is not much precise as it seems due to the wavering current situations of the COVID-19, however, the future of electronic groceries in Oman has a great lot, especially with the increase of Muscat’s online shopping users due to the Covid-19.

Findings revealed that online groceries in Muscat improve the efficacy of the services to attract more customers to improve the local economy to a significant level.


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