How to make an Video stream app development like Netflix

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The recent generation says goodbye to the television as we know it is dying. Video streaming apps are the future of these recent generations. The cable subscription is drastically decreasing. Let’s find why this is happening and how to develop an effective video stream app.

Many users agree with us, every year the number of people saying goodbye to cable subscription is larger. Why these happening let’s find out the reason behind this mystery? The first reason behind this mystery is the quality and value of the video content that is being streamed is comparatively and significantly higher than the old or traditional television. The audience can watch 4k videos through the video stream app, unfortunately with television audience cannot achieve watching as many videos as possible. In traditional television, audiences can choose a channel but not the exact show what they liking to watch, but with video, the streaming audiences can watch an enormous number of videos as per their interest and wish anywhere at any time. Using video stream app user can have complete control, he chooses what he wants to watch using mobile video streaming apps a user can always watch his favorite shows on the go anywhere at any time.

The second reason for a decline in traditional television, it lacks mobility. According to recently published statistics, more than half of the videos are watched online through mobile devices. According to Ericsson’s Mobility Report, traffic of the mobile video streaming apps will continue to grow by more than 50%, expected every year till 2020. This is because the number of users using mobile phones are increasing day by day and it is vastly growing fast too.

Many new users will browse their app stores and play markets for video streaming apps. It’s a great and right time to find out how to make a video stream app.

Video stream app features

• Many ways to register
• Comments
• Different quality videos
• Unique design
• Multi-platform support

Benefits of video stream app features

• Video streaming
Video streaming facility is one of the many essential feature and most important. The main purpose of video streaming app is to have the ability to stream high-quality video content to your mobile devices with high and Full HD resolution. Approximately around 50% of each and every mobile device have Full HD resolutions, hence there is a high demand for high-quality videos

• Live video sharing
Recent generations are very addictive to social media, hence it is an era of social media. Most of the individuals create and consume content via social media. It has the ability to stream videos directly from your mobile device, never be underestimated. There are enormous and countless highly possible ways where this feature of video streaming is useful for the right from video conferences to an emergency broadcast of some event that is happening very nearby to the users.

• Local storage
Local storage facilities of video streaming allow users to download videos. There are many times users want to watch videos offline, this feature helps users to download some of the video contents to their devices local storage and watch it later. This feature plays an effective and essential role in the development of video stream apps. Not every app will allow this feature due to the fear of copyright issues.

• Subscriptions
This feature is one of the essential features very much essential for video streaming app. Subscriptions are to inform users about new videos released to the market, videos come up on users favorite channels or favorite author. This is not a high tech feature but also an essential feature as well as convenience for every user. The add-on feature with subscriptions is push notifications, users are notified when there is a new video released of their interest. This is one of the best ways to inform users about some news or updates.

• In-app purchase
This feature of video stream app, when presenting a new app to an already established market is hard. But if you implement this feature into your video stream app. It is comparatively easier to present a new video stream app into the market without any fear of lagging back.

• Picture in picture and background mode
The picture in the picture and background mode feature of a video stream app is the most flexible feature which allows the user to do multitasking. Modern mobile devices have powerful hardware. But these devices relatively lacks in multitasking due to various different reasons like small screen size etc.when user wants to do something in between while watching videos online, multitasking feature of video stream app, picture in picture and background mode plays an essential and major role.

Popular video stream apps

Netflix is one of the most famous popular apps for live online video streaming videos or movies. Netflix app is available on a variety of different platforms and at a reasonable price per month. Netflix always has everything ready but also there is a platform open for improvement.

Twitch is the second next major popularized streaming app. The main feature of this app is the user can create and stream video content for free. This app also provides a place for advertisements in each and every video stream. This is one of the most efficient business models with many advanced features, where a user can also watch all their favorite games being paid by other people, the user can also observe some competitive matches.

Amazon Video
Amazon video streaming app is one of the amazing and best video streaming app with effective features. It must be taken into consideration while developing an effective video streaming app with essential features. Amazon prime free shipping, access to Amazon photos, music, and the Kindle lending library. Amazon video streaming is one of the best handy tools for video streaming. The users feel grateful for using such apps.

How to make a video stream app

Every developer must ask this question to themselves before developing or creating a video stream app. The developer must have the best knowledge or a bit knowledge of programming it doesn’t matter to create a video stream app, even a programmer with basic knowledge of programming can develop a video stream app. Developing a video stream app is a huge but not complex task, if the creation is done by a single person then it is a huge task, you must be dedicated enough as well as flexible enough to completely spend all your time on app creation. Video Streaming app developer must consider these following features which are very much essential while creating a Video stream app , an effective mobile live streaming app must have a reliable streaming workflow i.e video capture, encoding, transcoding, packaging, delivering, playback, etc., It is advisable to every developer if you don’t know how to start with the process of creation or if you have no idea on programming your best choice is to contact us .

we always look forward to helping you with the process of video stream app development.


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