10 Powerful Features For SMB Ecommerce Business In 2022

Here, this article will show you some top 10 significant features for SMB eCommerce business at Webnexs.

Have you seen people go and visit the physical stores and buy the stuff they want and happily live? Yes, they do, but that was the case a decade before now; people look to buy things online and hate visiting brick-and-mortar stores as they don’t really mind giving away the offers.

Nowadays, eCommerce stores, especially small businesses that got into the online realm, offer huge product offerings and a wide range of products to shoppers who look to buy and believe in them.

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All thanks to eCommerce, regardless of the business’s size, these eCommerce segments help businesses attain what they want to reach in a short span. So, eCommerce for small businesses has become the famous and most opted business model in 2022. As we advance, getting the way into eCommerce is not even a matter, but building an eCommerce website with the right features actually matters. And it is what millions of online shoppers were looking forward to having in the online store they prefer to buy globally.

Ecommerce is redefining how small businesses grow; like never before, these businesses are scaling to the level with best-fit business features.

Let’s look at vital small ecommerce business website features in 2022 here:

Top 10 vital features for SMB ecommerce business

More than 600+ awesome features are available for SMB eCommerce business at Webnexs. Some significant features are as follows:

  1. Product Weight Comparison
  2. Category Landing Pages
  3. Reorder products
  4. Flexible Contact Forms
  5. Multilanguage Support
  6. Lost Password Recovery
  7. Mega Menu
  8. Promotional Banners
  9. Order status update
  10. New Product Arrival Notification

10 Significant Features For SMB Ecommerce Business

Product Weight Comparison 

Comparing the products with its description, features, attributes on an exclusive product comparison page. Analyze strengths and weaknesses of the comparing products. Boost the store’s product assessment and develop the customers experience and present the greatest confidence for the customers while making purchases.

SMB Ecommerce Category Landing Pages

Category landing pages offer the customers to make ease use of their required category. A vital tool to drive direct sales, generate leads and to build relationships. Landing page aid to renovate traffic from advertisements, email, or social media campaigns into leads. Can diverge from detaining a customer’s data by a lead form to convince customers to click-through a further page.

Reorder Ecommerce products

Reorder products feature enlarge customer loyalty by letting the customers to reorder products from previous orders spontaneously within the customers account on regular basis. Assist to enhance the chance of repeat purchases and customer satisfaction. Facilitates with characteristics and accessibility of products. Customers can add an item or list of items also in a single cart.

Flexible Contact Forms

Customers can easily contact the store using simple process. Enhances the good relationships with the customers by making contact forms users friendly and fast. Flexible contact form ought to work without page reload. Admin can add contact form anywhere without programming or dealing with codes and be able to add multiple contact form also, not to waste customer’s time.

SMB Multilanguage Support

Having multilingual e-commerce support will facilitate the clients to gain more customers in a user-friendly manner. Even though converting the store settings have a lot of remuneration, also quite challenging. Building store multilingual affix a new level of involvedness. Enhances competitiveness. To connect better, improve conversions and Target new markets.

Lost Password Recovery

To identify the password by the time it was lost certainly, a password can be created automatically, generating an additional step to change it. Offer customers to reset their lost password with new one. Customers will get secured. Diminish the risk of account theft. Enhances customers satisfaction and customers retention.

Mega Menu features

An eye-catching, fast, and effortless to manage the products by the customers. Presents pleasant experience from both frontend and backend. To save customers precious time while shopping the products. Assist the customers in a simple and friendly way to navigate between pages.

Ecommerce Business Promotional Banners

Allows to add several promotional banners in different places on the stores. Make the stores page more visible by adding attractive promotional banners. For highlighting the products promotional banners are more essential one, can alter according to the pages. Customers will be eager to know about the product with attractive promotional banners.

Order status update

Enhances the customers trust. Customers will know on what stage the order is on the way. Help the customers to know about the status for the products they ordered. By sending some notification messages or emails to the customers the store will gain good name and fame in the customers mind. Necessary feature for SMB eCommerce business.

New Product Arrival Notification

For retaining the existing customers or facilitate to get more potential customers, the notification feature is a mandatory one for the eCommerce businesses. By adding this feature customers will be able to know about the new arrival products. New product arrival notification delights the existing customers.


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