Top 6 Vitals Of An Ecommerce Website Features With Examples

Features of Ecommerce Website

Need to know about the essential Ecommerce website features for an effective Ecommerce business function?

In today’s competitive nature makes the eCommerce sector a bit tough to get in. The user expects your eCommerce website to possess a specific set of features in it.

Ecommerce today is not only about showcasing your products with attractive images and having a checkout page in place; the rules of the game have changed in recent years.

Ecommerce website features

As an online store owner, you also need to care about factors such as how quickly a customer can move from the landing page to the order check-out page, and shell out the money!

Basal Features Of An Ecommerce Website In 2022

With most online shopping these days happening via mobile phones, eCommerce businesses must give utmost importance to improving the experience for mobile shoppers. To that end, we have put together a list of essential features that an eCommerce website must have in order to be a success.

There are different methodologies and ways to design the e-store. So, You must consider certain site features that are very critical to the shopper’s experience. When it comes to eCommerce website features certain are more common than almost all eCommerce websites.

Ecommerce website features #1 – Product Navigation

ecommerce website features

Product navigation is an ultimate need and the most important component of an online eCommerce store. Best and compact website navigation is necessary for every eCommerce store.

Users must have the ability to browse and check different categories and products through an amazing and rapid navigation system. It is more significant to invest in the information architecture of eCommerce websites. It’s critical to the site’s success.

Ecommerce website features #2 – Search Box

ecommerce platform - Search Box

The search box is one of the powerful elements of every eCommerce site. It plays a major role in the process of decision-making with a correct match that is available with eCommerce sites. Having a clear and well-positioned search box is a very vital and essential part of eCommerce websites.

Every online buyer has some specific items (i.e) what they want, what they’re looking for, an effective search box will help them to improve navigability and find-ability. Generally, in all eCommerce sites, search boxes are placed prominently high up in the layout, right or left side of eCommerce sites.

Ecommerce website features #3 – Shopping cart


A shopping cart is also one of the major requirements for every eCommerce site. It helps users to add the required products to their shopping list and make them easy to purchase later. The shopping cart is often named click and pick, add to cart, etc.

Because it provides a complete summary of products in which customers have decided to purchase them later. Products in the user’s shopping cart are displayed in table or matrix format. The shopping cart is always present in all eCommerce sites.

  • Product name
  • Short product description
  • Product’s price
  • The Total cost of added products in the shopping cart

Ecommerce website features #4 – Featured Products

ecommerce site - Featured Products

Featured products are advertised on the front page or the landing page. Every eCommerce sites have a list of featured products. These products are usually the items that are on sale/ clearance or new items that have recently added to the available products or in an inventory.

There is a different model to showcase your featured products. One of the best ways is to put products on the center stage. Provide an image slideshow at the top of the home page’s layout which is a popular and best method.

Ecommerce website features #5 – Product view, filtering, and Sorting


Product filtering & sorting helps customers to exactly find their requirements based on different features. Filtering options in eCommerce sites help to filter price, product, color, size, etc.

These filtering options also can be applied to different groups based on gender, demographics, and different search things. The ability to filter or sort product options can greatly enhance the ability of users to match their requirements with exactly what is available on ecommerce sites.

Ecommerce website features #6 – Product images

ecommerce store features - Product images

Product image is one of the major features of an eCommerce site, sales are mostly driven by the crystal clear product image and product description. The main drawback of eCommerce websites is that they don’t provide physical touch and feel, unlike retail stores.

Thus, the images in eCommerce sites should have the best resolution without convincing. The images of products shown on the site must be as big as possible to be viewed and clearly visible by an audience.

A proper accurate description of featured products also plays a major role in the customer decision-making process.

Common things seen on shopping cart pages are as follows:

  • Product name
  • Short product description
  • Product’s price
  • The Total cost of added products in the shopping cart
  • Product image thumbnail
  • Quantity box


The above declared are the vital and important features, elements,  and tips needed for every eCommerce website. The success of the eCommerce sites is mainly dependent on these above briefly explained features, every marketer must take into attention to these features before stepping ahead with online eCommerce stores.

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Ecommerce website features


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