What are the important features of an eCommerce website?

Let’s discuss the Important features of an eCommerce website that benefits online businesses.

Each website on the internet is unique and has some special to-note things in their own way. The success of any eCommerce site doesn’t solely depend on its features and the quality of the products or a wide range of access they provide, there is a huge list of other such factors that play a predominant role in boosting the business. Two of the most prime factors that directly affect the reach of the website are:

  • How the site is marketed – It includes how the site is marketed, marketing channel, marketing medium, etc.
  • How it is designed – Like how the site is built, user-interface, the implication of animations and other dynamic ideas into the site, 360-degree product previews, and dynamic product search.

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However, the above-mentioned factors may not guarantee you in conversion rates or best user experiences. There are certain other features that every eCommerce site should deploy for a better retention rate and withstand market competitiveness.


Product Navigation

Undeniably, the most important feature of an eCommerce site is its navigation system. Good website navigation is essential for any site, but it is much more so for an e-commerce website. The user seeks for easy access to the sites and expects to have the ability to browse among different categories and products quickly through the navigation system. Focusing on the information related architecture of an e-commerce website is a key point of the site’s success.

In-search site Box

A well clear and positioned search toolbox is pivotal to an e-commerce site. The capability to search an e-commerce website is very important because many e-store buyers have a specific item in their mind that they are looking for.

A search box is a sound feature that will improve user-experience and navigability. Most often search boxes in e-commerce stores are in very prominent positions and given top priority in site layout to ensure the user searches the site for the product they want.

Shopping Cart

A shopping cart is a must-to include the features that always present in eCommerce stores. In general, the cart is usually the first thing that appears on the screen in a checkout process.

Products in the buyer’s shopping cart are typically displayed in a customized table format. Its purpose is to notify the items that the buyer has decided to purchase. It’s a highly functional feature that gives a detailed summary of the things that users buying.

Some common elements of shopping cart pages are:

  • Product name
  • Products price and descriptions
  • The total cost of products in the shopping cart
  • Product’s thumbnail as the preview of the item

Better payment options

In the world of technological advancement, users expect a well-advanced payment option as per their need, so these are the must-have features for an eCommerce site. Each registered shopper shall give an account that enables them literally to buy the product with the click of a button.

There are many popular online payment options available all across the internet. The key to success in implementing progressive payment options to the buyers in an effective way. There should be some transparency in payment options because it acts as the trust builders between the site owners and the users.

Product filtering and sorting

Product filtering allows customers to filter their desired products based on different parameters such as gender, size, color, etc. are filtering options available.

And the sorting allows users to view the products in different sorting options like ascending or descending the price of the product and its arrival.

All the above mentioned important features of an eCommerce website will greatly help your online business to stay competitive in the market.

So all those parameters just fit only within a futuristic eCommerce web development platform called Nodejs.

What Is NodeJS?

Nodejs is an open-source JavaScript runtime that is built using Google Chrome‘s V8 JavaScript engine. It enables asynchronous event-driven programming written in C, C++, JavaScript with many significant benefits.


Some top benefits of using Nodejs in the eCommerce industry:

  • Reduced development cost and time
  • Dynamic mobile application development
  • Increases the enterprises’ revenue
  • Customized services
  • Simple and robust
  • SEO features


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